Juggle Strategies partners with forward-thinking organisations to develop & deliver flexible working practices.


We're on a mission to make flexible work 'business as usual' and prepare you for a new way of working in the future. Are you ready to explore flexibility for your organisation? This would be a good place to get started →


How we work

We focus on flexibility not because it is an outcome, but because it is the enabler of so many desirable outcomes for business success now and in the future.

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Our Services

Delivering bottom line improvements, gearing you up for the Future of Work, driving employee engagement and promoting diversity. We can help you deliver on all of these outcomes. 

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News + Insights

The Juggle Strategies blog dispatches on a weekly basis bringing you insights, news and progressive ideas on human behaviour, flexibility and workplaces of the future.

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The Team

We are a team of people passionate about making real, sustainable change in our society. We truly believe that flexible work practices, when implemented properly can have a profound impact on our world. 


Our vision is to help create workplaces of the future so that people, organisations and their communities thrive.

— Co-Founders, Juggle Strategies

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Who we work with

With deep experience in commercial, operational and leadership roles we have a strong track record of delivering exceptional business and people outcomes.