'Get Bendy' Issue #5

Communication at work
A conference call in real life

There is no doubt we can all relate to this experience!! However, the 'conference call in real life' is all too common and reinforces why it is so critical to communicate with intention, especially in a flex environment. Establish the preferences and "ground rules" for a conversation and work out the right tools & technology you need for the right context /circumstance to support this communication.

In the video below, Maja outlines how we can optimise our COMMUNICATION to boost collaboration at work...

Four Pillars of Flexibility


What often gets lost when communicating in a work context is humanity. Maja encourages deliberately building human bonds with the person you are in conversation with, in order toenhance human connection and boost collaboration. If you are interested in understanding how to optimise communication to make flex work for you and your business → Access a FREE Flex Assessment here

Flex in Focus

Case Study: OMD (Media & Communications Industry)

'We launched our official Flexibility Policy to benefit all individuals and allow staff to have greater control of when and how they work... each employee had the chance to feed into the policy by having their say in a company-wide survey to understand exactly what they need and expect from a flexible workplace. Importantly, the results of our initiatives speak for themselves. 90 per cent of new parents returned last year which is an incredibly positive result...'.

'Maja and Kate are an absolute pleasure to work with - their passion for flexible working is truly infectious. OMD cannot recommend the Juggle team highly enough in driving the flexible working agenda in your organisation’.

~ Martin Cowie, People & Development Director, OMD ~  

Read the case study here

Future Thinking

Event: Changing the Ratio
28 May, 2018


B&T’s holding an event next Monday called Changing the Ratio - a bold new initiative to continue making equality and inclusion the norm in Australia’s communications industry and beyond. Martin Cowie, of OMD is right behind it of course, '....events like these create a forum where conversations and action on gender equality can actually take place'. Help move the conversation forward and register here

Happy Reading

Build It: The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement - Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey


The world's most successful companies treat their people differently. With insight, case studies and practical advice from market disrupters including LinkedIn, Spotify, and Xero, plus the 10-part Engagement Bridge™ model, Build it : The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement shows how out-performing companies get more from their people. A practical and insightful tool for real-world implementation. Enjoy the read

‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’ - George Bernard Shaw

Why Juggle Strategies Will Not Help You Write a Policy* (but we sure will help you define some guidelines, and yes the semantics are important here)

Case Study: OMD