Case Studies



Media & Communications

OMD, part of the Omnicom group, is Australia’s largest media and communications agency and an industry leader in their approach to employee engagement.  They are recipients of a large number of awards within the communications sector, with a consistent record as one of the Top 15 Great Places to Work over the past 5 years.

The Challenge

OMD were keen to roll out flexible work practices to their staff as they understood the potential of positive impact on engagement and productivity for its people.  They were just keen to do this “properly”.  OMD were also keen to open flex to as many of their staff as possible, at the same time careful to not lose the wonderful social, team based culture they have.  They partnered with Juggle Strategies to help them design a program that would be focused on keeping that balance.



The Juggle Strategies philosophy is that the program has no chance of success until the executive team is aligned with the initiative and can authentically support it through implementation and beyond.  Juggle Strategies spent time with the full executive team, considering the WHY’s of the project – the business case, the legal obligations, and the opportunity.


The Juggle Strategies team surveyed the OMD organisation to understand the current state, perceptions of staff, readiness, as well as barriers for change, mindsets of who and what flex is for, desires and concerns of staff and leaders. The team also spent time in interviews with the exec team, as well as within the OMD community to ensure there was a solid understanding and idea of the culture.


The participation rate in the survey was excellent with a very light touch campaign.  The results of the diagnostic were presented in a findings and recommendations report as well as an executive briefing session within which a strategy and approach of implementation was agreed.  This ensured the flexibility landscape was tailored to OMD, its culture, people and business requirements.  It also ensured all executives understood their role in supporting and role modelling the program, without which it would not succeed. 

Juggle Strategies also worked with the People and Culture team to devise a set of Guidelines to help people through implementation, and a playbook for leaders and staff was created.


Expecting people to work differently as a result of launched guidelines and a presentation is foolish and OMD understood this.  We have all worked the same way since the 1920s, and breaking our habits is hard - especially for front line leaders who are ultimately accountable for ensuring their staff delivers to the organisation.  To support them, OMD provided training on the 4 critical success factors – Trust, Mindset, Communication and Outcome performance management through a 3.5-hour workshop. Managers also got a detailed implementation plan they could follow in the roll out.


  • 85% of leaders had conversations with their eligible staff about how they can use flex
  • 46% of staff changed the way they work as a result of the initiative
  • From an initial 29% of staff having ‘some’ level of flex, 77% of eligible staff are now getting the flexibility they need in their role
  • 96% of staff believe that OMD fully supports flexibility as an organisation

Verbatims are positive, with beneficial impact on study, wellness, and family obligations for staff.  Some said they had not had a chance to change their way of work, but the change is visible in the organisation and are looking forward to taking it on in 2018.




VM Ware is a leading technology organisation and a provider of innovative cloud and security solutions.

The Challenge

As a technology company vmware are highly progressive in their employment practices, and at all times is looking to ensure it is ahead of its industry peers in attracting and retaining highly performing, diverse, innovative talent.


  • vmware wanted to address the challenge of work/life conflict in the face of such a dynamic, demanding and fast paced industry ensuring their employees don’t ‘burn out’.
  • It also wanted to ensure qualification for the WGEA Employer Of Choice citation as part of its strategy on gender equality.


vmware wanted to focus on two primary measurements for this engagement:

  • The internal measure was relevant topic scores within the annual employee engagement survey.
  • The external measure was certification by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and obtaining the coveted Employer of Choice citation.

Juggle Strategies also measured feedback on the experience for the staff and managers who engaged in the work and measured the change in the reported likelihood of staff to leverage flexibility as a tool to achieve their business and personal goals.


We gained an understanding of the unique culture of vmware's organisation with ANZ, the nature of the roles they need to perform and then tailored a modular program to address the specific outcomes they were looking to achieve, rapidly.


We performed a diagnostic study and provided a detailed report back to the Senior Leadership Team which identified the current employee experience, captured the ideals and preferences of leaders and their teams, and uncovered what roadblocks would need to be overcome.   


We created and facilitated short sharp workshops for the people leaders to ensure they understood the business case for flexibility, challenged existing mindsets, explored what can go wrong and how to implement flexibility to achieve business success that is sustainable for staff. This built a set of management skills to give managers the confidence to lead staff in agile or flexible environments.


We created and facilitated short practical workshops for employees to equip them to get the best out of themselves with flexibility.  This covered how to decide what flexibility they actually need, and how to achieve this while delivering expected outcomes of the business, including consideration of internal and external stakeholders.

Final Phase

We delivered the employee workshop where we created a ‘Conversation Toolkit’ to enable effective and consistent 1:1 conversations between managers and staff ongoing as they work together to implement the theory in the real world, turning ideas into action.


The delivery of the workshops were very positively received within the organisation.

Staff shared that bringing in external facilitators showed commitment of the organisation to acting on flexible work practices, not just talking about it.

  • On the subsequent engagement survey the flexibility metric moved from an item in red to an item in green.
  • Our client successfully attained the WGEA Employer of Choice Citation for 2016.
  • 84% of workshop participants would recommend the workshops
  • 90% thought they were relevant and applicable to their roles.