Coaching is an invaluable portion of the implementation program.  It enables personalised approach to individuals that are key stakeholders in making flexibility work.

We support those in organisations who are required to be seen as role models, those struggling with the program, or those needing a bit more support to make flexibility work for themselves and their teams.


who is coaching for?

From time to time individuals need additional support to achieve desired outcomes. We offer coaching to all levels of the organisation:

  • HR/People and Culture leaders driving the program through the organisation
  • Executives struggling to see the benefits but being asked to support the program
  • Executives asked to be role models and help drive the change
  • Leaders who are struggling to get the balance right in their teams 
  • High performers struggling with burnout
  • High performers who are a high flight risk 
  • Individuals that want to maximise the benefit to their personal and professional lives by using flexible working

what's involved?

Our team would schedule a meeting to discuss and scope the requirements and suggest the number of sessions needed to get the right outcome. Decisions on how the sessions would be implemented are made in partnership with our clients.

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