If you decide you are serious about implementing flexible working practice in your organisation, this is where you get to see some real results.

We work with your Executive and HR/People teams to understand the direction you would like to take flex. We facilitate executive alignment to a direction, and ensure support for the project.


who is CONSULTING for?

As an Executive or Head of HR/People & Culture, you may be considering getting additional advice if:

  • you have undertaken a diagnostic
  • you are ready to move towards a plan of implementation and some real tangible outcomes
  • you are serious about providing your people with tangible support in their move to flexible working 
  • you are going through a move to Activity Based Working (ABW) and need to provide additional support to your people. To find out more about this stream click here


Every organisation is different and which initiatives may be useful will depend on where in the journey you are. Some of these initiatives include:

  1. Development and agreement of execution plan with the executive team
  2. Coordination and execution across functional areas
  3. Advice on change strategy including communication, incentives, phasing and policy
  4. Customised workshops targeted for the different perspectives of executive leadership, management and employees
  5. Reporting on progress to key milestones to stakeholders at agreed intervals
  6. Design of behavioural "nudges" once training and policy launched to ensure flexible work becomes reality and people don't work to the old ways of working


Established upon meeting


  • We partner with your internal teams to move the progress and program along faster to implementation.
  • Our approach is flexible and is lead by your needs. We can facilitate face-to-face meetings, remote catch ups, or facilitated workshops - all appropriate ways to engage.


  • Benchmark against best practice in industry and similar business
  • Aligned executives who understand why flexibility is critical to business outcomes, and who can authentically support and role model across the organisation
  • Policy or Guidelines that are not too prescriptive but are a good framework for your organisations' implementation
  • Tailored business case to your organisation's performance or people metrics
  • Program of post launch support and behavioural "nudges" to ensure change continues and people do not revert

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