The Diagnostic is where it all begins - looking at the situation as is and getting a good picture from an outside, unbiased, politically unaligned perspective of where things are at.

It is crucial to understand what your people want and where to begin in flex. We engage in research across your organisation to understand your strategy, people metrics, blind spots & current culture.


who is THE DIAGNOSTIC for?

As Head of HR or People & Culture, you may be considering a diagnostic if:

  • you have some level of flexibility in the organisation but it is inconsistent 
  • you have a policy in place, but your take up is low
  • the implementation is struggling at the middle management layer
  • you have not started your flexibility journey yet, and are unsure if it is even right for you
  • your Executives are just not convinced that this is the way to go, or are worried the "floodgates will open up" and you will never see anyone in the office again


The Diagnostic is a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our team will bring an external perspective to this assessment looking at the potential of flexibility within your organisational, competitive, and industry landscape. 


40 hrs plus a 2 week survey


  • We will look at your existing metrics (engagement or staff survey, etc) and decide if this needs to be more flexibility specific.
  • Together we decide who we would like to interview - internal, external stakeholders.
  • We spend some time with your team, getting a sense of your culture and working environment.


  1. Executive summary and presentation
  2. Report outlining:
  • Clear picture of what your people really want (we often find staff feedback comes as a bit of a surprise to our clients)
  • Obstacles to implementation found and their root cause analysis
  • Recommendations to address the issues such as front line leadership training requirements, executive alignment, unconscious bias, coaching, etc
  • Highlight strengths and best practice within

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