Flex Certification


WGEA EOC citation is Australia's leading recognition program for addressing gender equality. To achieve this citation, organisations must have a formal flexible working strategy in place and be demonstrating accountability for improving workplace flexibility.  

The submission deadline is 31 May 2018. Download the complete requirements for 2018 submissions here »


WGEA Employer of Choice (EOC) for Gender Equality citation is Australia's leading recognition program designed to acknowledge organisations who have taken substantial, strategic steps to address gender equality in their organisations.  

In 2017, the WGEA changed their reporting requirements for the Employer of Choice (EOC) citation to include a clause stating that '....organisations MUST show that they hold managers accountable for implementing flexible work'. Are you that manager? Are you being accountable? Are you looking to achieve the EOC citation for your organisation? 

Flexible Working Practices are recognised as one of the most important enablers in delivering on better gender outcomes and are critically assessed to achieve the EOC citation.

How can we help you achieve the WGEA Employer of Choice Citation?


Moving beyond a policy to implementation means behaviour change from leaders and front line managers. 


3.5 hour session


Manage performance outcomes not presence, set clear expectations, avoid risk to culture, teamwork, collaboration and agile leadership skills.


  • Receive and practice applying a customised 'Conversation Tool Kit' to practically prepare for effective 1:1 flexibility conversations with staff.
  • Implementation Framework


  • Approx. 3 months following training we independently assess managers on implementation of your strategy and tools
  • Managers who have demonstrated the skills to lead, and walk the talk are issued with a Juggle Strategies Flex Leader Certification and digital badge. Juggle Strategies badges can be displayed on social media platforms such LinkedIn and internal staff directories. 
  • An independent summary report is provided for submission to WGEA.
  • Individual managers who continue to struggle are identified for additional support or intervention ensuring no dilution or undermining of strategy.

The deadline for 2018 submissions is 31 May 2018. Get in touch or contact Maja Paleka directly at maja.paleka@jugglestrategies.com.au to discuss how we can help you achieve Flex Certification for the WGEA Employer of Choice Citation.

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