Our Services


Regardless of how far organisations have progressed their flexibility strategy, or even if they haven't addressed it at all, Juggle Strategies works with businesses to understand their current state, develop a tailored program, and implement it.

Our services are designed to be an end to end program of works, or can be used as stand alone modules, depending on the needs of your organisation.

We can also help your organisation to become flex certified to achieve the WGEA Employer of Choice Citation.



It is crucial to understand what your people want and where to begin in flex. We engage in research across your organisation to understand your strategy, people metrics, blind spots & current culture. Learn more »


We work with your Executive and HR/People teams to understand the direction you would like to take flex. We facilitate executive alignment to a direction, and ensure support for the project. Learn more »


We educate your front line leaders in flex concepts to tactical implementation. This enables them to develop capabilities to manage differently, and ensure business performance is enhanced. Learn more »


We support those in organisations who are required to be seen as role models, those struggling with the program, or those needing a bit more support to make flexibility work for themselves and their teams. Learn more »