‘Maja and Kate are an absolute pleasure to work with - their passion for flexible working is truly infectious. OMD cannot recommend the Juggle team highly enough in driving the flexible working agenda in your organisation’.
— Martin Cowie, People & Development Director, OMD

Happy Clients


'OMD engaged Juggle Strategies at the beginning of our flexibility journey. Employee experience is a strategic and genuine priority for OMD and so ensuring we do this the right way was very important to me and the executive team. Juggle engaged with us to understand our business, ensure the executive team were aligned and understood the business case. 

We then undertook a diagnostic to understand our starting point, which then enabled us to design a set of guidelines to help our implementation tailored specifically for our people and the business. Kate and Maja trained our leaders in skills needed to implement and manage flexibility in their teams. The initiative has been very well received, the program has run smoothly and we have seen significant increase of take up of flexible work within our teams, which in turn has had a positive impact on our staff engagement.'


'Asaleo Care is committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive workforce. Encouraging our people to manage their work and personal lives in a way that suits them and our business is an essential part of creating that workforce and a better place to work. Juggle strategies partnered with us to implement an approach to workplace flexibility that worked for us. Both Maja and Kate gave our leaders knowledge and contemporary evidence based approaches supporting them to embrace and lead change within our business. Maja and Kate make a great team and are a pleasure to work with.'



'At ClearView, we sought to expose our leaders to an array of current issues that we felt affected our employees both with the confines of our offices, but also in the wider community.  We wished to create some forums for leaders to discuss contemporary leadership issues.  Flexible working was a concept which had been floated around the organisation for a few years, but had never been addressed holistically.  We wished to bring this to the surface and to understand how a flexible workplace can support (as opposed to hinder) our organisational strategies.  

Maja and Kate from Juggle Strategies were recommended to us, and we quickly felt they were a good fit in creating a constructive conversation at all levels of the organisation due to their subject matter knowledge and willingness to collaborate.

In setting up the sessions, it was clear from the outset, that their strategy was to have a good understanding of the organisation hierarchies, long term objectives, current flexible working perceptions, and indeed our blind-spots.  This allowed them to deliver practical tools which leaders could implement straight away, but also the ability to peak beneath the surface of our Culture.  

The real value lied in their skill to challenge our leaders’ attitudes and beliefs when it came to flexible working, but also in the way they sought to expose individuals’ resistance to change, their hesitancy to trust team members, and tendencies to wait for permission from those higher up the chain of command before taking action.

Bringing these issues to the surface has created an appetite for change.  I would not hesitate to partner again with Juggle Strategies on this journey forward.'

Lachlan Stewart

Learning and Development Business Partner


'Autopia has worked with many high profile thought leaders in the area of gender diversity and cultural diversity/inclusion over the years, and in 2016 was particularly interested exploring the role that flexible work practices play in driving these agendas. It was at this time that I was introduced to Kate and Maja of Juggle Strategies.

As we talked about our businesses and the juggle of our own lives, I was immediately impressed with their deep expertise and passion on this subject. Soon after, Autopia engaged the Juggle team to develop a whitepaper presenting the business case, with supporting practical tools, for increasing workplace flexibility in corporate Australia. On release of the whitepaper, Kate and Maja facilitated a series of roundtable discussions with senior business leaders, exploring the themes of the paper in detail.

I was particularly impressed with Maja and Kate at these events. The content of the whitepaper was strong, but what really added value was the significant research and pre-work they had done on each of the businesses attending the events. This enabled deep engagement with each business leader as the Juggle team had a strong understanding of their policies and achievements to date, driving robust discussion. Their ability to facilitate discussion and extract value through a thoroughly consultative approach was first class, and I know that many of the businesses have done further work with Juggle Strategies as a result.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Juggle Strategies team to business leaders looking to drive real change in their organisations.'