We Are Juggle Strategies.

We are a team of people passionate about making real, sustainable change in our society. We truly believe that flexible work practices, when implemented properly can have a profound impact on our world. 

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I am a change agent who believes that challenging the status quo can achieve better outcomes. Change need not be feared.

My own career spans finance, sales, commercial operations and leadership in large corporate organisations. After 17 years delivering results for others, in 2012 I unleashed the inner entrepreneur and started my own successful consulting business, specialising in transformation and high performance teams.

I understand the relentless need for business to deliver financial outcomes to the market, indeed I have dedicated many years to accelerating this. I can show you that it does not have to come at the expense of all other outcomes. 

I understand what it takes to make flexibility work through my own first hand experience. I am constantly juggling the varied elements of my life, some of which include my 3 children, running my own business, extensive travel commitments and volunteering for The Raise Foundation where I am a mentor for teenage mothers. 

In my view the debates in Australia about work/life balance, diversity and gender equality have missed the point. And I want to show you how to change the game entirely.


maja paleka

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer and after a number of years in network provisioning with Bell Canada, I spent most of my career in sales and leadership roles.  I was lucky to have been able to do this across three continents  - in Canada, UK and Australia.

During my time with Optus I led my team through a complex integration. This experience solidified my focus on people, change management and crystallised my passion of increasing morale and engagement even in challenging times.  

Trying to complete an MBA while juggling challenging roles with multinational organisations and starting a family all at the same time highlighted the difference between a great place the work and an ordinary one - flexibility.  

The right manager and the right workplace care about the outcomes you deliver not your face time. And this allows you to be the best you can be at work, and in your personal life.

For me the utopia is a working environment that fosters trust at all levels, and a company that lets people make choices on their time allocation of time. As a result, that trust builds commitment and loyalty like no other.


rebecca sebastian

I am an advocate of organisations providing choice around when, where and how their employees work.

Throughout my career specialising in leadership, sales and change management I have observed the amazing business results achieved from engaged and productive employees.

Without a flexible employer, completing an MBA or continuing my full time career with three young boys would not have been possible. Like me, people now seek out employers that deliver options not just for themselves, but for others in their community.

With workforce participation a key factor in Australia’s future growth, I want to move past the debate and contribute to the solution.