Training is useful for organisations who have launched a policy but are finding inconsistent implementation across the organisation, and resistance from some middle managers/executives who say “this cannot work for my teams”.

We educate your front line leaders in flex concepts to tactical implementation. This enables them to develop capabilities to manage differently, and ensure business performance is enhanced.


who is TRAINING for?

Developing trust, communication, mindsets and managing to outcomes.

Managing yourself, and your success in a flexible working environment.


Work has been the same since Henry Ford implemented the 5 day, 40 hour work week in 1926.  So it is incredibly unfair to expect people to know how to successfully change the way they work based on a policy launch that occurred in the 1920's.

Behavioural change can only happen when we provide people support in learning some new skills, and lots of opportunity to practice, enabling them to thrive within a flexible environment.


3 hr training sessions to full day workshops.


Flex Leader Foundations
Focussing on four critical concepts of trust, communication, mindset and managing to outcomes through to practical implementation plans. The sessions also explore topics such as unconscious bias, burnout management and collaboration.

Bespoke Training
We can design and facilitate bespoke training sessions based on the needs of your teams.


  • Leaders have all of the necessary skills, plans and tools to implement and manage flexible working in their teams. 
  • All leaders that attend our Flex Leader Foundation Workshops are eligible to become Flex Certified.  
  • Staff have the necessary perspective, self awareness and skills to be successful in their own uptake of flexible work.

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